Welcome to my webpage. My research interests focus on remote sensing digital image processing, GIS, and statistical modelling. I develop advanced image classification algorithms to improve land cover mapping accuracy and monitor land cover change. My image processing algorithms rely heavily on machine learning and target near real-time monitoring. In addition to remote sensing image processing, I study land change patterns and processes using spatial statistical models. I am particularly interested in understanding the drivers and consequences of land cover change. Some key research questions include:

  • What are the causes of land cover change?
  • How does land cover change affect ecosystem services?
  • How do drivers and consequences vary across different spatial and temporal scales?

I integrate land change simulation model and ecohydrological models to address these broad questions.

  • Faculty:
  • Yang Shao
  • Associate Professor
  • College of Natural Resources and Environment (CNRE), Department of Geography
  • Education
    • Ph.D. Geography,UNC-Chapel Hill
    • MS studies Geography, Nanjing University
    • B.S. Geography, Nanjing University
  • Current Students:
  • Clay Wise (PhD student)
  • Adam Campos (PhD student)
  • Alexander Miele(MS student)
  • Former Students:
  • Heng Wan (PhD)
  • Alexander Rosenman (MS)
  • Ruoyu Zhang (MS)
  • Callie Lambert (MS) (co-chair with Lynn Resler)
  • Andy Skeen (MS)
  • Austin Cooner (MS)
  • Leyang Feng (MS)
  • Brandon Wheeler (MS)
  • Gina Li (Undergraduate Research)
  • Suwen Zhao (MS)
  • Haitao Wang (MS) (co-chair with Lisa M. Kennedy)
  • Justin White (MS) (co-chair with Lisa M. Kennedy)
  • Image processing and high performance geocomputation(move over image to enlarge)
  • Agricultural intensification


  • Remote sensing digital image processing
  • Land change study (e.g., tropical deforestation, urban expansion, and agricultural extensification).
  • Ecohydrological modelling
  • High Performance Geocomputation
  • Webgis, Open Source GIS and RS:
    • Urban Forest Management - Virginia Beach Project
    • A New Tool to Inform Urban Forest Conservation and Restoration: Conservation and restoration (i.e., afforestation) of urban forests are potentially significant tools for local and landscape-scale planning aimed at reducing flood risk. Forests provide flood risk reduction in two primary ways: water storage and water removal. This study quantifies water storage (Soil Water Storage and Depressional Surface Water Storage ) and Evapotranspiration (ET) at high spatial resolution by integrating available spatial data (e.g., soil classes, land cover classes, LiDAR topography, and remotely sensed ET) and then compare these services among land cover types and scenarios of land use change. Using our integrated dataset, we developed a new web-based tool that can easily quantify flood reduction services for user-defined locations and, in doing so, inform decisions regarding future forest conservation and restoration efforts (Daniel McLaughlin, Yang Shao, Heng Wan, Brian van Eerden).
    • Norway grassland project
    • Chesapeake Bay watershed
  • Tropical deforestation
  • Urban expansion


(*denotes student collaborator)
Google Scholar
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  • GEOG4084/5084 Modelling with GIS (Fall 2018)
  • Classes taught:
  • GEOG4984/5984 Programming for Geospatial Research (R or Python)
  • GEOG4334/5334 Land Change Modelling
  • NR6104 Advanced Topics in Remote Sensing
  • GEOG4374/5374 Remote Sensing and Phenology

Prospective Students

If you are interested in graduate school and research in my group, please contact me through email (yshao@vt.edu) or phone (540-231-1867).

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Email: yshao@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-1867